September 11, 2007


Snopes is a great critical thinking resource (and may help you cut down on emails). You know all those forwarded emails? I'm not talking about the cutsy, silly ones. I'm talking about the ones that purport to make factual claims. You can (and should) verify them on Snopes before you forward it on. It's most likely bogus. Snopes (and there are other sites like it) collect and verify the veracity of these claims. It's a fun read and nice to know that you don't need to sign up for a cell phone Do Not Call list and that Target is not owned by the French (if that matters) and that Jay Leno didn't actually say the things reported in the email. It's also nice to send the link back to the forwarder and do your part to stop the spread of these spam emails.
At my school folks now send it to me to check on rather than forwarding it to the whole staff! Slowly, I'm trying to get them to check it out for themselves but at least all of our inboxes aren't full of this fluff.
Great site and entertaining to read. The internet equivalent of Mythbusters. (And yes, there really is a lightbulb from 1901 still burning to this day).