October 11, 2007

Teacher Gifts

Leo, over at Zen Habits, has a post about inexpensive teacher gifts. It's a good list, but I suggest scrolling down to the comments. I and some other teachers have mentioned some of the problems with teacher gifts. Who needs another candy-filled coffee mug or more cheesy ornaments? The things that go away are good. Brownies and cookies, but I usually end up eating one and leaving them in the teacher's mailroom to magically disappear.

In the past couple of years I've tried a different approach. I post a list of needed (or wanted) classroom items. From printer paper and index cards to dry-erase markers, ant farms and books for the classroom library. (We always need new copies of Captain Underpants!) Magazine subscriptions for the class are good. So are gift cards for places like Target, Staples, or Borders. I say I don't need anything and will be more than happy to have a hug and their holiday wishes but if they truly feel they absolutely must get something, then make it something we all can enjoy (and that goes away)!
What do you think?