November 15, 2007

Read Out Loud

Read aloud every day. If you are a teacher or a parent. Heck, even if you're not. Here's link about it. I especially like the quote:

"Reading out loud is delightful – more fun that reading silently. Happy memories of childhood often include having a favourite teacher reading aloud, or learning to recite a silly poem. So much fun that it made you want to read more on your own."

If you are a parent, read to them every day. And not just when they're little. Read to them until the day they leave your house. I don't care if it's
television listings or sports pages. Read to them.

If you are a teacher, do it every day, no matter the grade level. Think back on your school experience. The one thing people remember the most are the books their teachers loved and read aloud.

Check out Jim Trelease's book for more.