November 22, 2007


I am thankful for, most of all, my partner in lovin'. She has made me want to be a better man from the moment I met her (mostly to live up to her rose-colored impression of me). I am astoundingly thankful for my other reason for living: my amazing four-year-old daughter. I tell people I'm her dad, but I'm really just her plaything and am at her every whim.

I am thankful for the rest of my cool family and funky fresh friends here and abroad. I'm thankful for the people that write down things and publish them in blog or book form because man, do I ever like to read. (That means you Carl Sagan, Nick Hornby, Neil Gaiman, PZ Myers, Merlin Mann, David Allen, Octavia Butler, Richard Dawkins and so many more...)

I'm thankful for blogspot, Google, Netflix, Tivo, Apple, and Canon for their wonderful products and services. (No, I'm not being paid). Oh, and I'm really thankful for Concerta. Don't let anyone tell you those drug companies are all bad!

And I'm thankful to you, Dear Reader. Every comment means so much. Thank you.

Have a great day.