December 19, 2007 Sucks!

(part of ORBITZ)

Not to put too fine a point on it, but they suck like a vacuum cleaner. We bought flight tickets for our holiday travel in September. They sent two emails about time changes in October, but those weren't big deals. Then they sent one yesterday asking us to contact them. My Amazing Partner spent her entire 40 minute planning time with these dunderheads being passed around in some evil hold muzak purgatory. They never gave her a straight answer and finally transferred her to Delta and was informed our return itinerary DIDN'T EXIST. And they've known since OCTOBER.

Now I've worked in retail and even in management. I know mistakes get made. What do you do when you make a customer or client mad? You apologize and throw them a bone. Free somethings and deepest regrets. Please come see us again.

Not these wingnuts. We spent another 75 MINUTES on the phone, mostly listening to more static-y muzak while "Aaron" tried to "come up with something else" for us. I had the internet right in front of me. The only flights available were now at a freakishly early hour on the day we'd booked and on the day after. That was it. Didn't take me 75 minutes to figure that one out. I just wanted some apologies and a discount or something. No dice. Wouldn't even provide a shuttle to the airport for that morning (because we really don't want to ask anyone to drive us). Finally he said if we faxed him the receipt from a taxi he'd reimburse us in 3-5 business days.


I won't be holding my breath. Stay tuned.