December 15, 2007

Chocolate Cake Recipe

Here you go, Juggling Frogs and anyone else who wants it. This is pretty much the same recipe I use. It's really two recipes. The cake and the frosting. Print them both out. The trick is to make the frosting while the cake is baking and cooling because it's better to slather on fresh. I also like to put fresh raspberries around the top and shave some white chocolate curls onto the top. Mmmmm...


Juggling Frogs said...

Wow, thanks, Jim!

I might just have to try a somewhat "less light" version of this. Do you really use the light butter, light sour cream, etc. or do you just use butter and sour cream?

I appreciate any excuse to (ahem) experiment (ahem) with chocolate.

Teacherninja said...

I really do the light stuff. It tastes great and--most important test--makes my wife happy. Let me know how it goes!