December 18, 2007


I was like a little kid on Christmas morning today when I went to youtube and clicked on the "Most Discussed" dropdown menu. There it was in all it's glory: nearly all Nerdfighter screen shots. Every video was in response to the Brotherhood 2.0 call for their loyal followers, the Nerdfighters (and no, it doesn't mean to fight nerds. As John says, "Do freedom fighters fight freedom?"), to post a video yesterday and promote a charity that would help to "decrease world suck." Not only that, but they asked the rest of us to comment like mad on all the videos to push them up to the top of the most-discussed page. It was amazing. I haven't felt that optimistic in a long time, watching these homemade, shaky and muffled videos of mostly young people from all over pushing their favorite good cause and having fun doing it. Check out youtube today and watch a few of them. Add to the amazingly positive comment threads. Then donate and help decrease world suck.