January 17, 2008


Have I told you about Buzzword yet?

Dude. It's awesome.

It is one of many new online word processors, similar to Google Documents. They're all great because they are free and you can stop worrying about your little USB thumb drive. If you have access to a computer not only do you have access to all of your documents, but you can share them with folks and cut down on many emails back and forth concerning drafts. It also frees up space on your hard drive.

But Buzzword if my favorite. It just looks so inviting. It's Flash-based, which is part of it. The lovely interface calls to me and dares me to write something good. It also can be saved as a Word document. I do my lesson plans on it and still save a copy in Word to my thumb drive because my school's network can be wonky, so I want access to those plans if I can't get on the internet and I like having backups.

Check it out.