January 3, 2008

Happy New Year Again

It was bad, but bearable. Shoulda worn a scarf! I'm just not always prepared for cold like this!

As for the flight, everything was on time. But when we got to the Atlanta airport on Saturday, the 22nd the conveyer belts that whisk away your luggage weren't working and the folks checking it in were just tossing the bags onto big piles. There were huge lines everywhere that took at least an hour to get through. I know Cheaptickets.com was at fault somehow.

When we got to our destination, we were one bag short. It didn't arrive until 8pm on Sunday night. It was the bag with all of my daughter's clothes and bathroom stuff. And my wife's bathroom stuff. We had to spend $80 at Target getting jammies, clothes, contact lens solution, etc. Again, someone at Cheaptickets.com I'm sure!

The return flight was straight through, but as I mentioned earlier, freakily early. The hotel actually had a shuttle that left at 5am. You know who was on the hotel's airport shuttle at 5am other than me, my lovely bride and my sleepy four-year old? Airport employees, that's who.

Since there was a free shuttle, we really don't have any reason to contact Cheaptickets.com for a reimbursement. So all I can say is to avoid them and Orbitz.com because their customer service sucks.

Other than that we all had a fabulous break and everything was worth it when my daughter's eyes lit up and the first thing out of her mouth was, "Santa is just so nice!"