January 23, 2008

No Country For Old Men

Here's a rare one indeed. Usually I don't see the movie if I think I'll read the book and I almost never read the book if I see the movie first. But my book club picked this around the same time the movie was released. I love movies about as much as I love books and the Cohen brothers are particular favorites. I tried to put it off, but a fellow movie-lover convinced me to see it with him.

It was fantastic in every way, of course. One of their best films and widely considered the best film of the year.

I like Cormac McCarthy and consider Blood Miridian to be one of the great American novels of all time, so I still read the book. No Country doesn't hold a candle to Blood Miridian, but it's got that wonderful dry and melencholy voice of his that I can't resist. I won't say the movie is better, but it is tighter and I haven't seen as good an adaptation of a novel since, well, probably Rosemary's Baby.