January 13, 2008

A Review of The Power of Reading

Doug Johnson has a great summary of Dr. Krashen's book and the importance of all of us taking the message to heart for teachers and especially Media Specialists.

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NatureGeek said...

Hooray for Libraries - and research to support them. Sigh. Remember "Whole Language"? It was big when I finished my credential and now the pendulum has swung the other way. I loved Whole Language - it was common sense and no one said to throw out everything else - just enrich the environment with all kinds of reading and engaging books - duh!

I liked this article because I had the advantage of a mom who took me to the public library weekly - we'd both come home with stacks of books. I don't remember learning to read. I don't even remember my mom ever reading aloud to me. Reading was just something we did as a family, and I learned to do it pretty much on my own before I started school. I was always a good speller, too! So I think my own personal experiences support the research results in the book as well.

It's funny how the concepts of whole language are still very alive and well in the second language acquisition field - I got my CLAD recently and with my background in whole language ideas had no problem getting the concepts of BICS to CALP and contextual richness (if that's even a term).

Anyway, I'm very glad there are people like Krashen out there backing up what seems like common sense to us with solid research!!