January 11, 2008

Today Will Be Remembered

As the day my daughter discovered...



Well, at least I got four and a half good years before someone slipped her the info. I knew it was inevitable, but I was hoping for Kindergarten or even first grade.

See, we have Tivo, so she has little exposure to commercials. This is a true blessing, let me tell you. It's the best thing a parent could have. They should come with the baby.

When we watch movies, it's usually on DVD and we just skip right to the film, so even though she sees many Disney films (along with other, more interesting ones), she's never seen the park itself.

Until yesterday. At her preschool the teacher put in an old video of The Aristocats and apparently it had an ad in the beginning because she let me have it this morning.

She was on the potty right before we left for school. She looked up at me and said, "Daddy! Disney has a play park! It's called...Disney Land! Can we go to Disney Land, Daddy? Can we, pleeeese?"

I told her we'd look into it.

Sigh. (She'll love it, but sheesh.)