February 4, 2008

Everything Is a Process

Get your tissues out for this one. It's an amazing lesson we all need to be reminded of once in a while. I needed to be reminded of this because I'm in the middle of testing right now and it's like anti-teaching.

Here's the beautiful link to author Liz Scanlon's blog. [thanks to mary lee]


Mary Lee said...

I love the picture you put with it!

As I scrolled down reading other posts, I said, "Ahhhh..." when I read of your Levenger addiction. I finally had to ask them to quit sending their catalogs. Too much great (expensive) stuff. Oh, the leather! Oh, the fountain pens!

Teacherninja said...

I stopped those catalogs a while back too! But in my efferts to be somewhat more organized, I found I enjoed paper better than online applications and that led me to the Circa.

Thanks for the comment and your wonderful blog!