February 1, 2008

Parenting Beyond Belief

Great title and provocative cover image, but a highly uneven and eclectic group of essays. That's to be expected of course. As MsGowan writes in the introduction, "...--secularists are a famously freethinking bunch. It's the attribute that ended us up secularists, after all--that desire to consider all points of view and make up our own minds."

Two Reverends contribute, one on why we should all still strive for religious literacy and a particulary fine one on dealing with death in the secular family. Being more pro-science than anti-religion (I'm just more anti-dogmatism), I found the sections on wondering and questioning and the wonders of science the best. The final section, on building up the secular community, I found the weakest. We secularists are too freethinking for that! But the list of resources and contacts are good and could take the place of that whole group of essays.