March 13, 2008

Box Hero, Box Hack

Box Hero

It cracks me up to get credit just for saying I'm going to do what I said I would. I work in a big school that uses gobs of copy paper. I asked the Copy Goddess for some empty boxes a couple weeks ago. She was out, but a new shipment of paper came in if I wanted to wait. I went ahead and unloaded all the paper for her and took the boxes. I needed to move all the books off my shelves at home while new floors were being put in. I promised to bring the empty boxes back when I was done, since she kept running out.

Today I brought them all back and the folks in the library were cheering and telling me I was the bomb. For bringing empty boxes back.

So clearly there's a need, people. There are teachers moving classrooms and schools at the end of every year, so now's the time to stock up on boxes. Break them down and bring them in. My favorites are the ones from bookstores because they're mostly the same size.

Box Hack:

That's the secret to moving books, by the way. Pull them off the shelf in order, set them in the box, and then get another box. Don't try to fill the box. It's much better to use way more not-too-heavy boxes than to have well-packed overly heavy boxes that take forever to unload. Now when you set up your bookshelves, you just pull the already alphabetized books out of the box and set them back on the shelf. You can even label the boxes Shelf 1, etc. It you have different bookcases, number them so you have boxes that say things like Case 2, Shelf 3 and so on.

Trust me, I'm the bomb.