March 10, 2008

Everything's Coming Up Evolution!

I'm doing my happy dance as I type! Your humble Teacherninja was linked today on The Mighty High Cephalopod Overlord Pharyngula which is, of course, the Grand Pooh-Bah of the Sciencebloggers. Since PZ Myers is everyone's favorite blogging evolutionary biologist, let me throw in some plugs for some great evolution books for kids that came across me transom today.

First up, Tricia at Open Wide, Look Inside discusses Peter Sis's gorgeous Tree of Life and Steve Jenkin's equally beautiful Life on Earth. Great books both.

Then Eisha and Jules over at 7 Impossible Things have co-reviews of a new Young Adult novel called Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature that looks very interesting. This from their review: "when [the main caharacter's] science teacher, Ms. Shepherd, begins a unit on the topic of evolution, Mena finds herself both fascinated by and caught up in a new controversy between those former best friends from the conservative church her family attends and those aligning themselves with Ms. Shepherd, trying to keep intelligent design from being taught in the school. As a result, Mena undergoes her own personal evolution, as she considers the subjects of religion, science, indoctrination, faith, freedom, and much more."

Sounds right up PZ's alley.