March 20, 2008

Just Give Them the Answers

Why not?

Check out this radically cool homework hack from Mrs. Bluebird. She was tired of homework not coming back and now just gives them the answers. It sounds strange I know, but read the post, then decide. Here's what some of the teachers at my school said after I shared it:

"It does sound very interesting. I like the choice aspect. I like that the student can choose when as well. I even like the answer key... I DO think that it work for my middle schooler at home. He loves choice, he needs time, and sometimes I need the answers to help him too! I think he would actually do his homework if it were set up this way. He currently chooses to do NONE!"

"You know, I might give that a shot next year, because they are right there are only 3 types of kids that do work, don't do it, or need a little help. This really might be helpful for ESOL students too!"

"All the points they bring up about why not do homework are valid. However, it brings up lots of questions too? For example, what would compel a child to do more than copy the answers? I think of me as a middle schooler and if I could have gotten away with just copying answers, I think I would have done that. (I like to think I am more honorable as an adult). But, it does make me want to consider some variation of this for homework I give so they have the answers but have to show the work or whatever."

Food for thought.