March 28, 2008

Library Stew

I'm in this weird space. I've done all I can do to get into the Media Specialist program I want to get into and now just have to wait until I'm accepted. In the meantime I'm reading some things to prepare. I've been trolling the web looking for anything to do with media specialists and found a good one last night. Library Stew is by an actual working K-5 media specialist.

It's even cooler than that, though. She works in my district. She knows about the issues we face right here in my school. She even has great tips for other media specialists. Just what I need as an aspiring librarian myself. Needless to say, I stayed up and read through all of her archives last night and added her to my feed reader and my blogroll. Other than an inexplicable love for Bon Jovi and an over-attchment to the word "FABULOUS" (yes, always in all caps), she is made of awesome. Check this media goddess out!