March 31, 2008

Links for your Lunchbreak

Is it better to only blog when you have something worthwhile and original to say or is it better to throw in the occasional link post when you got nothing? I'm drained, people. That five-year-old birthday party was fun but I'm glad it's over. Until my brain cells are all firing again, though, here's some stuff worth reading.

Literary Dealbreakers. Which books/genre that another reads would turn you off of them?
After answering, scroll down to Comment #31.
Game Theory. What is it? And can it help us figure out this Obama/Clinton business?
Oh, and the best quote to show up in my inbox was from a Stphen Krashen newsletter: "You have a flat tire. A government agent pulls up behind you, and instead of helping out, takes out a stopwatch to see how quickly you can change it. That's NCLB."