April 21, 2008

Make Some Science Videos!

The awesome children's science writer Vikki Cobb has a new collection of science experiments called Bet You Can't and wants you to film your kids/students doing them. She's started the ball rolling at her own website using her own grandkids as subjects. She explains it all here at I.N.K.

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RedMolly said...

Wow! Vicki Cobb's "Bet You Can"/"Bet You Can't" books were some of my favorites when I was a wee sprout. So happy to see she's still producing cool science stuff for kids! As a science-friendly homeschooling mom, I'm always on the lookout for more simple and fun activities to try with my sprogs.

And thanks for the comment on my blog. I did dive into Circa; I am printing my own forms from diyplanner; and I'm loving the system! Look for another post on the subject soon.