April 23, 2008

Nutjob In Mt. Vernon, Ohio

This is really making me sick. I've heard little buzzes about this guy, but now it's really ballooning. How can this guy still be teaching? I don't care if he's got a bible on his desk. I do care that he had the ten commandment up on the wall, has been proselytizing at school, passes out literature that claims evolution is not the well-established scientific fact that it actually is and allegedly burned a student in class.

Fire the wingnut! He has no business working a government job if he doesn't understand the separation of church and state. He especially has no business teaching science! I'm sure he could make a nice living being a preacher at whatever fundamentalist church he belongs to.

Good for the parents of the burned child, though:

"...the parents said the issue is not about Freshwater having his personal Bible, which they do not oppose, but about the violation of laws and defiance of school policy.
Short said it is alleged that Freshwater used his classroom to advance religion and that he teaches his own beliefs from the Bible and not the approved curriculum. In the fax, the parents also said, “We are Christians who practice our faith where it belongs, at church and in our home and, most importantly, outside the public classroom, where the law requires a separation of church and state.”

(thanks, as always, to PZ)