May 2, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Bureaucracy...

The Good: I signed my little girl up for Kindergarten yesterday! What a weird feeling. She is made of awesome. They had these laundry baskets full of Legos for the kids to play with while the parents filled out paperwork. She came over to me with another little girl. "Daddy, I made a new friend. This is Ellie." So far, so good. But I promise I hadn't taught her what she did next: "Elly, this is my Daddy, Jim." So polite! So observant! Can you tell I'm a proud Poppa?

The Bad: I had to go back to my school and sit through our Kindergarten Registration until six. Sigh.

The Bureaucracy: A new family came in from Mexico and registered this week. Three kids. Turns out the "window" is still open for our State standardized test. If the family had registered Monday, I wouldn't have had to administer the Reading section of the test to the third grader this morning. Since he just got here and there has been no screenings or meetings on him, he had to take the test with no accommodations. I obviously thought it was ridiculous. The Assistant Principal thought it was ridiculous. Yet, here we were. I got an interpreter to explain it to him and he was a great sport. He happily "christmas treed" the test and I told him I'd start working with him for real on Monday.