May 9, 2008

I Got In!

From the letter:

"We are pleased to inform you that you have been admitted as a non-degree student in the Department of Educational Psychology & Instr Tech with a major in Instructional Technology for the Fall semester 2008."

It's a fancy way of saying I'm on my way to becoming a school librarian ninja!

The ultimate ninja in that department is my own Media Specialist, Kristie Michalowski. Not only is she an awesome Media Specialist, she's our Teacher of the Year. But not only that, she just won the national Intellectual Freedom Award. Read about it here and here.

From the American Library Assoc. press release:

"The Magill Elementary School media specialist was nominated by
Valerie Ayer because of her ability to uphold intellectual freedom
professionally while "following the policies/procedures to insure that the
complainants’ concerns were addressed." Over the course of her career in the
Gwinnett County Public School system, Michalowski has been challenged four times
regarding titles in the school library. As a result of these challenges,
Michalowski has been active in the revision of local policies for use of
instructional resources. She has also presented at conferences and workshops and
been invited by college professors to speak to future media specialists about
her experience.

In her award notification letter, AASL Awards Committee Chair Leslie Forman
said, "Your professionalism and sheer gutsiness in the face of pressure and
attacks on your personal character are a shining example to all AASL/ALA

Four times!? I guess they're only counting the ones that went beyond the school level. It's been more like NINE. And one of them was about this steaming pile of horribleness.

How cool is it that there IS an "Intellectual Freedom Award"? She is so made of awesome. I can't wait to get started on my classes!