May 12, 2008

Parent Volunteer Gifts

One of my more popular posts was the one about Teacher Gifts (and check out the comments on that one). Well, teachers need to give gifts too, especially to the amazing parent volunteers who sacrifice heaps of time and gobs of energy in our nutty classrooms. I took a poll today at my school and in order of interestingness, (from hand made at the top down to "a plant is always nice") here are the results. Obviously the number of volunteers you have will make a difference in what you can do. Add any more ideas in the comments!

The students...

...made soap! (really!)
...decorated a bag chair!

...baked something and put it in baskets.

...made paper flowers and put them in a vase (or fake flowers with pens).

...made something using their hand or fingerprints (bag, apron, shirt). My wife got a hardback picture book from a teacher at the end of student teaching and the kids had inked their thumbprints, signed them and turned them into little faces on the inside cover.

...made a cool thank you card and signed it.

...signed a class photo.

The teacher...

...bought a beach bag with a towel, sunscreen, water bottles, and beach toys.

...bought an ice cream bowl, scoop, and gift card to ice cream place.

...bought a bowl, microwave popcorn, candy, soda, and video rental gift card.

...made a gift basket out of BBQ items.
...made a small gift basket with pen, memo pad and other small supplies.

...bought a set of patio dishes and glasses.
...gave a nice notecard set.

...bought a nice beach towel.

...gave a nice candle.

...gave some bath stuff.

...gave a potted or hanging plant or flowers.

...gave a gift card. (One teacher said they gave a MC/Visa gift card so the volunteer could use it as they pleased).

(photo by pixelstar)