June 20, 2008

Blue Skunk Blog

In my new theme of promoting blogs that have something to teach (like I did here and here), I'd like to mention my favorite School Library Media blog, Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog.

As you may know, I'll be starting work on my own SLM degree and plugging away at that for the next couple of years, then doing my part for media specialty.

Doug has been doing it for, well, a blue skunk's age and has quite a lot to show for it. I bought my first textbook, Information Power, which is apparently the book. A dry read due to being written by committee, I was very pleased to see Doug's name on the roster of contributors.

As for the blog and it's teach worthy credentials, you won't have to dig deep. His recent posts on effective technology trainers and how to better judge the value of schools are the kind of impassioned and uber-knowledgeable work that will hook you and keep you reading for a long time to come.

Do check him out.