July 5, 2008

Science Reading

PodBlack Blog, which I've mentioned before, has a great list of popular science books you might want to check out. It's in response to the new Entertainment Weekly "100 Best Reads" (which I won't link to here) that does not include any science books. My only quibble: I'd exchange Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything with the Natalie Angier book mentioned on the list.

Check it out.


podblack said...

I haven't read that one! But I have taught Bryson's book 'A Walk In The Woods' for two years to Year 11 students for English class. Many related to the Appalachian Trail as being somewhat akin to the 'Cape to Cape' walk in this state. :)

Teacherninja said...

What a great book to teach! Wish my Year 11 had been as cool. Bryson's a hoot. I only live a few hours from the Trail, but haven't attempted it yet.

Thanks for commenting.