August 25, 2008

Classes Begin!

Saturday was my first graduate classes in my journey to become a media specialist and today has been my first day with students. As an ESOL teacher, I have to spend the first two weeks of school testing new students and working out a schedule. So while the kids have been here for two weeks, today was the first day of school in my classroom.

Both the grown up and kid classes went relatively smoothly. They were both a bit more teacher centered than I like, but that's to be expected on the first day. Now if we can just keep the momentum rolling through the year.

I have one more group before the end of the day and I feel good. How I'm going to keep up with planning for six or seven classes and get all my grad school work done and continue being a good husband and father and tossing out the occasional blog post I don't know, but I'll try to keep you in the loop.

For now, check out a new post on Too Much Information from Tim at Assorted Stuff and one way to deal with it, or keep your Poop In A Pile by the Science Goddess. I need me one of those "bleachers!"