August 31, 2008

The Dragon*Con SkepTrack

It was cool. Friday evening I saw Michael Shermer's talk and got him to sign my copy of Why People Believe Weird Things. Outside his talk, I got my picture snapped with three of the Skeptical Rogues. I wanted to chat them up, but I'd been at school late and driven straight to the talk. It was like 8pm and I was loopy with hunger, so I thanked them for the pic, and took off looking for food.

Saturday I went to see DJ Grothe do a live Point of Inquiry podcast, but stuff had gotten shifted around and it was now a science and skepticism podcasting panel discussion with Dr. Novella (the silver-haired one wearing the black tshirt in the photo above), DJ, Derek from Skepticality (and a big round of applause to him--he ran this whole thing), Dr. Pamela Gay from Astronomy Cast, Richard Saunders from the TANK and Dr. Ginger Campbell from the Brain Science podcast. These are all wonderful, thoughtful people and shows. It you're the type to listen to NPR or something like that on your commute, you should really check out these folks. It was great and I got to sit next to Evan and Bob (the other two guys in the photo not wearing the red shirt--that would be me), so got to chat them up a bit after all.

Next was Dr.Phil Plait's presentation that goes along with his new book, Death from the Skies! He's so enthusiastic and fun. One of the reviewers said:
"Reading this book is like getting punched in the face by Carl Sagan. Frightening, yet oddly exhilarating."
- Daniel H. Wilson, author of How to Survive a Robot Uprising

Goes for the talk as well!

Last I took in Dr. Novella's highly informative talk on Science-Based Medicine. I learned a lot and will definitely be checking out that blog.

But then my head was full, so I wandered around weirdo-watching and shopping in the exhibition hall. I went by the Skeptic's Table at the Mariott, but never did run into the Podblack Cat. She said she'd be there, but had probably gotten tired of sitting like I had. Good thing she skipped out on Phil's talk. Jokes about Aussie's and all. Maybe next time.