August 6, 2008

Mea Cupla

Again, I jumped the gun. Here's a thoughtful response from Justin Ashworth.

Clearly I have much to learn. I will reserve further judgment on issues library media until I actually AM a library media specialist. Until then I will merely report on interesting things in that idiom and any relevant reading/experiences I have.

Thanks for taking the time Mr. Ashworth.


doug0077 said...


I hope you continue to "jump the gun." This profession needs all the new eyes and questioning about sacred cows it can get.

Any questions or opinions you may have are shared by many, many people. This blog is a great way to dig into those issues.

Make mistakes in public! You will win fame and fortune.


Teacherninja said...

I don't know about fame and fortune, but it sure makes for interesting conversations and more to think about.

Thank you Doug.