August 19, 2008

My Adventures In Blogworld

I'm starting graduate school to become a School Library Media Specialist (although I much prefer the old "librarian" tag) and was considering shelving the blog. Then I start getting comments from people like Doug Johnson, Nancy Flanagan, Mathew Needleman, L. from the lovely Jacket Whys, george w., an inspiring one from Dana Hunter, many inspiring ones from Mary Lee, and even one from the man himself, Dr. Stephen Krashen! And everyone else on my "Linky Love" list of folks who link to me or help me out with comments.

If that wasn't cool enough Ms-Teacher handed my off a blog award and put me on a link of teacher tips today: check it out, there's some good stuff there.

Merlin, an awesome blogger himself, has a post up today on what makes a blog good and it's so goofy and personal that it is inspiring to me. I often worry that I don't have a proper "niche". I'm not a 'kidlitosphere' blog, but I sometimes write about kids books (and everything else I'm reading). I'm not a 'classroom blog' but I will sometimes write about things going on at school. I don't consider this a skeptical blog' but critical thinking informs everything I'm about and I can't help applying it to everything else: education, reading, teaching, learning, getting stuff done.

Lately, though, all of my biggest obsessions are kind of coming together because of this new career path I'm taking. A school librarian is all about reading and critical thinking. They're obviously concerned about what goes on in classrooms and in education. They encourage skeptical thinking. They like to play around with the cutting edge of technology and help students and teachers embrace these new tools. They're obviously concerned about First Amendment issues. They have a lot to get done and are always looking for tips and tricks to help themselves and others. They are me, I am them. We are the ninjas in the library.

Thank you all and stay tuned. It may get sporadic and jump around like grease on a hot griddle, but I'll stay here and I can't wait to hear more from all of you.