August 14, 2008

Read Research, NOT Newspapers

The great Ben Goldacre over at the Bad Science blog takes journalists (and obviously nutritionists which he labels with the synonyms "clown" and "dilettante") to task. Basically if you see an article about food written by a journalist you should feel free to ignore it.

"The newspapers are so profoundly overrun with pseudoscience about food that there’s no point in documenting it any longer. They will continue with their Sisyphean task of dividing all the inanimate objects in the world into the ones that either cause or cure cancer, and I will sit at the sidelines, making that joke over and over again."

The latest is this article claiming that "Red Wine could help prevent breast cancer."

In fact, exactly the opposite is true. "There is unlikely to be a safe level of alcohol which doesn’t increase the risk of breast cancer. Some studies have found that drinking just one unit a day can increase a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer."

(You can look up the Bad Science post but be warned it contains graphic images.)