September 16, 2008

Info. Tech and Learning: What's the Connection?

That's the topic for the next two weeks in one of my grad. classes. We're to read this news article and interview our Media and Tech folks and observe what's going on with technology in the Media Center.

I find the article depressing because these people are blowing a ton of money on stuff they'll have trouble keeping up to date and I seriously doubt all of it is even being put to good use. I hope I'm wrong about that.

I would also like to see some rigorous studies that prove this is even a good thing. There are many many studies that prove more books and more access to books improves student achievement. Are there any solid studies showing the same thing for the technology? I do know that when I lived in the county referred to in the article, the graduation rate was hovering around 50%. Has it improved since this infusion of technology (assuming that's the only big change)?

Are we throwing good money after bad?

$1.6 million for tech. That's equivalent to 80,000 $20 books.

I'm just sayin'.