September 28, 2008

Interactive White Boards

They really are quite fun. Doug Johnson and I both had differing, but not exactly opposite, takes on a post put up by Wes Frayer.

I was just wondering out loud about small districts jumping on the IWB bandwagon without enough thought.

Doug thought Wes was viewing the use of IWBs too narrowly.

Wes made a thoughtful comment on Doug's blog and Doug followed up with this post.

This kind of instant kicking around of ideas is what makes me love the blogosphere so much.

What are your thoughts or experiences with IWBs?


Nancy said...

Personally, I'm really weary of seeing money thrown at technology to improve test scores. Whatever. I have a Smartboard, and it comes in handy as a tool for instruction - especially when we're doing computer things in the computer lab. But it's what the students actually DO in class where the learning happens.

Teacherninja said...

I agree, Nancy. I'm a fan of technology as long as the money is there to support it. I personally don't give a fart in a high wind about test scores, just the actual learning that you mentioned.