September 9, 2008

Who Is the Biggest Loser?

I was listening to the SGU this week and they were rehashing their Dragon*Con experiences and of course got to talking about the costumes. Bob mentioned these movie quality Iron Men and there were plenty of other characters that looked like they just stepped off a movie set, especially Star Wars folks like Darth Vader and Boba Fett. Steve joked about a kid in a lame Halloween mask and black t-shirt, wondering why he bothered when there were these pros walking around and Rebecca said she thought the guys in the expensive suits that clearly took many man hours to manufacture were bigger losers in her eyes.

Yes, people go over the top for that stuff and no, that's not why I was there. But I still have to respectfully disagree with Rebecca. The guy in the Boba Fett costume walked into one of the venues and beside me someone shouted, "Boba!" Boba turned and a bunch of us took pictures. For all I know the guy is a night shift manager at a Wings and Weenies. He really could be a total loser. But his costume rocked and for that weekend at least, he was Boba Fett. What's so wrong with that?


AutoSponge said...

Last year was my first year at D*Con in costume--and therefore it was really my first year IN D*Con. It devastated me to cancel this year's trip for financial reasons.

Last year, I made a Han Solo costume for $60 using some clothes from the thrift store and hem tape. I never had so much fun. In a sea of 30k+ people, it's the best way to start a conversation.

I started "deconstructing" good costumes trying to figure out what materials, techniques, and resources were used. Talking about the craft behind the costume was also a great talking point for many costumers (as long as they made it and didn't buy it).

I took my wife and daughter to NY ComicCon this year and made costumes for everyone. At my wife's second show ever and first time in costume she said, "I felt really good, everyone was respectful and very complimentary--I loved it."

My daughter an Yvonne Craig Batgirl (the purple one from the TV show, not the comics) suit I made for about $120. She was more popular than several adults with thousands invested into their costumes. She sees it like any kid would--it's a parade of people playing dress-up! Her high point was winning "honorable mention" in the costume contest earning a prize pack of con swag.

Handmade costumes are an expression of creativity, fandom, friendship/family/community, and coolness. If you have a good-looking costume that no one else has but everyone recognizes, you're the talk of the con. What geek doesn't want that?!

Teacherninja said...

I'd love to see those pix! Sounds fantastic. I'm sorry I missed the parade, but I saw a tons of costumes. Favorites were the Yip Yip alien from Sesame St, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, a little boy Indiana Jones, the Scottish Stormtrooper with bagpipes and kilt, the Mythbusters, and that super freaky tall Bone Man (anyone get pix of him?)