November 24, 2008


Sick.  Only two days of school this week so I am not calling in sick but ughhh.  Throat burns, nose is running like a marathoner and my doctor's office is booked up.

Still commenting on your blogs, though.

Just might not be blogging for a few.  Need to use the next couple of days to catch up on grad school work and house cleaning.

Oh, here's something funny.  Got an email today from the principal that the district is sending in a bunch of painters to repaint all the classrooms while we're out for the break.  You could tell she was trying hard to put a positive spin on it, but we're still left with one day's notice to take down all the posters and pull all the furniture four feet away from the walls.  So I'm guessing tomorrow will be pretty crazy.

Wish me luck.


ms-teacher said...

Feel better soon! It would have been nice if notification had come on Friday, dontcha think?

Kim Baise said...

Get Well soon! Make sure you get some hot soup and drink lots of tea.
Hope you don't have too many posters to take down and you don't need a ladder....that's a bummer :(

Kathy said...

it took them 3 weeks to paint our building - luckily I got out of it because the media center has 60% murals on the walls

rumor at my school is that carpet is next - ugh, I know I won't get out of that one!

Teacherninja said...

Thanks guys. And the ninja secret to moving furniture is Super Sliders. Back to the old couch for a Daily Show marathon and more liquids...

MotherReader said...

Aren't days like those what those Scholastic DVD's are made for? My daughter came home saying that she watched Charlie Brown's Halloween in music, my first question was sub or sick teacher.

Feel better.

C. B. James said...

I'd kill her. You've no idea how much student work I have posted on my walls at this point in the year.

Hope you can get lots of rest now that school is out.