November 26, 2008

Comment Challenge Wrap-Up

Don't go away! It's been great having you here. I've gotten to see so many cool new blogs, like the hilarious and funky Bookie Wookie, that one kills. You too? I know, that's been one of the best things about this comment challenge. The names of some of these blogs are great. One of the architects of the comment challenge, Lee Wind, has the wonderful I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the Hell do I Read? For the most part, I'm out of the loop on YA fiction and was delighted to see there is a gay YA trend. About a decade ago a friend and I seriously considered opening an under-21 night spot for gay teens in Atlanta. What a great blog discovery. Namaste, Lee.

This challenge also reminds me of my absolutely favorite commenter, Carolyn from Juggling Frogs. We have a shared interest in David Allen's Getting Things Done and parenting in general. she was the first person that I didn't know personally to comment on my blog and has always had the kindest words. More overdue thanks to you, Carolyn.

I kept index cards next to me and marked off the comments as I went. I have 123 jotted down. The problem comes in travelling between work and school. I know I left some off, but I was never in this for prizes or anything. I'm just dang busy right now and was happy to come across a challenge in which I got to show my appreciation to some of my favorite blogs. I didn't realize how great it would be getting more comments myself and that I would discover even more and interesting blogs. I t also brought up some interesting discussions on keeping "balance" in your life and how we read and react to blogs and such.

So don't stop commenting. Not just for me, but for all the wonderful bloggers in your feed reader. Keep the conversation going...

(image cc by tarotastic)