November 21, 2008

Commment Challenge Update

Last time I mentioned all the blogs I'd been commenting on.  This time I'd like to mention all of the people that have spent time in my neck of the woods and taken the time to comment--some of them quite lengthy and post-worthy in their own right!

BookMoot had the longest and insightful comment to my post wondering what you thought of the letter from my US Rep. on media specialist funding.  Read it, it's great.

Next up is PodBlack Cat for her thoughtful comments on the previous post, Great Minds Think Alike.  I love it!

I've also gotten amazing comments from Kyle at The Boy Reader; many from my favorite local media specialist blogger Kathy at Library Stew; my new writer buddy Kim Kasch; my good blogger buddy MS Teacher; my new favorite blog writer, the always hilarious Librarian Girl; the all-knowing all-wise Doug Johnson who doesn't have to bother with long comments since he's probably already thought, written and presented on whatever it is I just came up with; Nancy and Kim at the lovely (and new to me) Bees Knees Reads; Melissa from Book Nut (among others) that went straight into my reader; the magical, creative Bella Enchanted; Carol over at the aptly named Carol's Corner; Minerva66 at Book Advice; some cool dude named Shannon at a la gauche; Kim Baker at Wagging Tales; my new hero Ms. Yingling Reads; Christine at The Book Bench; Natasha at Maw Books Blog; my blogger friend, the super cool Mary Lee from A Year of Reading; Mindy from the beautiful; Jen Funk Weber from Needle and Thread; a poke in the door from one Ms. Bird from Fuse #8; and the awesome Esme from Planet Esme.

Of course I can't forget about Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect who I've been reading for a while and I first heard about the challenge from.  She is awesome.

Kudos to MotherReader and Lee Wind at the wonderfully named I'm Here. I'm Queer. What Hell do I read?  for setting this whole thing up.  It started out as a "maybe this might be fun" kinda thing into a multiple "wow..." moment for me.

Yes, there's still a week to go.  But I'm hoping it never really ends

Thanks guys.

PS  I'm sure I missed somebpdy and I apologize but I'll be doing another, similar roundup in a week or so.