November 17, 2008

Ms. Yingling: Made of Awesome

Since getting involved in this comment challenge, I've been introduced to some awesome bloggers but my favorite so far is Ms. Yingling from Westerville, Ohio (near my old stomping grounds).  Her students love her!  That is quite an accomplishment in a middle school, let me tell you.  And check out this amazing story!  She's made of awesome.  A true ninja.  I want to be just like her when I grow up, except for maybe the all the plaid.  And the singing--I'm not much of a singer.  Ok, I'll never be that awesome, but she's inspiring, no?  That reading all the fiction in the entire library thing is just cool.  She's been reading every single book in the fiction section since starting there.  She is now up to the "Ts".  Rock on, Ms. Yingling.