December 2, 2008

Canned Libraries

Click on image to see bigger or check this wonderfulness out over at Modern Mechanix.


doug0077 said...

Hi Ninja,

I'm gettin' me one of these. And I think I'll call it, uh....uh.....uh...


Very cool ad. Thanks for passing it along,


Kim Kasch said...

Yeah, I think I've looked on these at the Multnomah County Library when I was researching my house's history. It was built in 1890 and the records are on microfiche. Such an amazing invention - for 1936!!!

But, you'd think they would archive the info onto cd or dvd or mp3's or...something. I guess there's no budget for those things. (sigh)

george.w said...

Back in my camera repair days I found myself repairing microfilm readers, often making parts that were no longer available as replacements.

Two very cool things about microfilm: it's permanent and it's obvious, which is to say that if someone found a microfilm spool or a microfiche in a thousand years they would know right away how to construct a reader for it. Our digital records are, by contrast, ephemeral.

(Of course digitized information has other advantages...)