January 22, 2009


Great title, no?  Subtitle goes like this: How Schools Are Killing Reading and What You Can Do About It.  Sounds right up my ally!

First heard about it from the fine ladies at A Year of Reading.  They say that it will start a national conversation.  The author even dropped by on the 20th for an interview.

It was also featured in The Book Whisperer who will also be chatting with Mr. Gallagher on the 28th.  She says you can post your questions and add your voice to this upcoming national conversation.

Of course, one Mr. Johnson at The Blue Skunk Blog has a nice personal take on this.  He recommends it and pairs it with a favorite of mine, Krashen's The Power of Reading and says you should read it and share it with, well,  everyone.  "But only if you care if the next generation reads more than chat boxes."

I'm there!