February 12, 2009

Happy Darwin Day!


It's Darwin Day!  Heck, it's Darwin Year!  His 200th!

If you don't understand evolution yet, or still have questions, check out Understanding Evolution for Teachers or the Understanding Evolution home page.

You can celebrate by playing a fun evolution video game!

You can celebrate at church this weekend:
Nearly 1000 congregations are preparing for "Evolution Weekend!"

You can celebrate by reading a book with your kid of course!

One Beetle Too Many by Kathryn Lasky

The Tree of Life by Peter Sis

Life on Earth by Steve Jenkins

If that's not enough for you, Charlie's Playhouse has a list of 89!

Oh, and it's this guy's 200th birthday too.


Anonymous said...

Hi teacherninja,

This is Bill Corder at The Boys Rule Boys Read Blog. We love having you as a follower but one of the Blogs you follow "F*** You Peguin" shows up when people click on to find more about you. Could you please change this as we have kids that follow this blog that we would not want to go to this site. Hope you understand and thanks,

Darth Bill

Teacherninja said...

To be fair I'll stop following both.

Kim Baise said...

Happy Birthday Abe and Darwin!
That beetle book looks like a winner. I will check that one out, thanks!!

Teacherninja said...

Thanks, Kim! If you like it, Kathryn Lasky has some other great nonfiction. The Librarian Who Measured the World is a favorite of mine.

Harrell Elizabeth said...

President Obama gave a shout-out to Darwin's 200th last night in Illinois, celebrating Lincoln's Birthday---and what a speech it was!!!