April 2, 2009

April Fool

So if you haven't figured it out already, the two posts I  put up yesterday were April Fool's jokes.  Fuse #8 has not revealed the favorite picture books as yet (of course I' haven't gone through my feed reader yet, so she may have started--it'll certainly lead to some interesting discussion I'm sure).  It was just a play on her "Triumvirate of Mediocrity" post from a while back.

And there is no such book as The Vengenace of Argir or an author named "Orson Wright" (as far as I know).  I took some of the ideas from Travis's post on "Create Your Debut FantasyNovel Cover" from 100 Scope Notes and tweaked it for my own nefarious purposes.  I must admit it's quite fun.

First, got to this name generator to make up an author name.

Then go to this fantasy novel name generator to get a title.

Now he said to go to Photobucket and click on "surreal art" but Photobucket is blocked at my workplace (natch), so I went to a service which searches for Creative Commons licensed images and types in "surreal" instead.  Travis gives a formula for picking a random image, but I just picked one that kinda went with my title.

Finally, I used Picnik to edit it (and added the touch of an award sticker).

Here's another one I made later in the day.  I think it'd be fun to try this with my students.  I have them writing a bunch of poems this month--maybe I'll let them finish up the project by creating their own poetry volume cover.

Have a great month.