April 30, 2009

Is quitting Twitter more poular than re-tweeting?

That's the headline from this Associated Press article.

Must be true because after all my "hyper-connectivity" posts I've decided to dump Twitter as well.


Tricia said...

I don't Twitter, but have an account. I do push my blog posts to Twitter so that folks who Tweet can link if they like. I just don't have the time, energy, or inclination to tell everyone how I'm spending my days! Besides, who wants to know?

Teacherninja said...

Thanks Tricia. I noticed that everyone I was following was either posting random stuff or linking to more things I either already had in my feed reader or was never going to read anyway. And, as for myself, I think there's more on this blog than anyone wants to know let alone following me on Twitter...

sconds said...

i hope everyone got the irony of that video instead of presuming it was serious like the ap article was. hilarious video though.

re:twitter though... http://h.onkey.org/post/98588699/discounting-twitter-altogether-because-you-think

also... o hai

Teacherninja said...


I hope so too!

And re: your link, I did not discount Twitter for that reason. I don't discount Twitter t all. It's blocked at my school and I don't use my cell for it, so I had a very limited window of opportunity to use Twitter. I can see how it would be a useful tool (which I admit that at first I didn't) but doing a cost/benefit analysis of it (time wise) it comes up short for my needs.