April 1, 2009

The Vengeance of Argir

I'll never understand why some things are marketed to adults and some things are marketed for children.  Here is a perfect example.  Orson Wright's masterful and award-winning The Vengeance of Argir is a book that any reader would love.  It will do well as a children's novel, but I fear many adults may overlook it's brilliance.  Why did the publisher ghettoize it?  Just like The Book Thief  and the His Dark Materials trilogy, I hope this breathtaking novel breaks out of the confines of the children's section.

Travis at 100 Scope Notes has already reviewed it favorably and it's a sure-fire winner of more awards and is already making the rounds of the Cybil's judges.  I'll be curious to hear your thoughts as soon as you can snag a copy.