May 18, 2009


We're taking our six-year-old to the Land of a Thousand Princesses, Team Rat, also known as the Magic Kingdom this Saturday. For a week.

I know.

But today? Today I'm home from school with her because she has strep-like symptoms and I'm not taking chances. I'm pouring the amoxicillin down her gullet to make sure she's well and not infecting any of her beloved princesses!

The amount of stuff we have to do to be ready for this trip the day after post-planning is kind of crazy. Good thing My Lovely Bride is better at logistics than most generals in the field. She's already laid out everything in the guest room and has been stocking up on needed items. I, meanwhile, have been plowing my way through The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World which I definitely recommend. They have a website as well that makes custom itineraries for your visits.

For most vacations I think winging it is fine. For Disney I think it's better to have a plan. We'll see in a few days.

I'll be toting the laptop to the hotel for the occasional stab at grad school work, but I doubt I"ll blog much--if at all. I'll be sure to update when we return.

I'm sure I'll need medical assistance myself when we get back if only to surgically remove the Disney music earworms from my brain. It's a small world after all.

(photo cc flickr)