June 24, 2009

Batgirl Was A Librarian

The title of this post comes from the front plate of a car I saw in the parking lot of Macon State College as I attended the GLMA Summer Institute. It wasn't the best conference I've ever been to, but it was a good one for getting the feel of my new career path.

They're librarians, so of course there's a wiki of resources, which is certainly worth checking out. I was dismayed to hear that it's a yearly struggle to get the funding for GALILEO (click here if that link doesn't work), Georgia's online research library and databases. It's an amazing resource and especially great that every school in Georgia has access to it. Much better than Google for the kiddies and you could get the equivalent of multiple Ph.Ds using nothing but this without any books in your media center. How much does this treasure set the 9.4 million citizens of our state back for use in our public schools? Less than .02 cents each. A veritable drop in the bucket.

The best presenter by far was a fellow named Tommy Johns. I have no idea if that is his real name. He has many of great tips and the theme of his talk was perfect. To be a great media specialist he says, you need to have:

spaghetti letter F gold u letter N 01-11-07_1655

Now there's a philosophy I can promote!