June 20, 2009

Bradbury Fights for Libraries

I've mentioned Mr. Bradbury before and linked to those amazing videos he did recently to promote libraries.

Today in the New York Times there's a wonderful article about his continuing fight for public libraries. "I don't believe in colleges and universities," hes says, "I believe in libraries."

Dude is pushing 90 and he's still going strong!


Harrell Elizabeth said...

Great article! He is one of a kind. Hope they can save the libraries--we've had a similar scare here. The entire culture is bankrupted because of the money changers!

Teacherninja said...

Thanks, H.E.! And especially now that they're being used more than ever!

christina said...

Thanks for the article. I love his picture! Now he's someone I'd like to have a drink with!

Teacherninja said...

Thanks, Christina. I actually met him at the Miami book festival in the early 90s. Didn't want to stand in the long signing line, but got a quick handshake. Great guy.