June 27, 2009

The Unquiet Librarian!

You've seen the The Unquiet Librarian blog, right? It, among many other things, is run by Buffy Hamilton, high school librarian/information goddess.

Finally got to meet her in person! She was scheduled to present at that conference I went to this week, but it was an online presentation (that's a photo of her while she was doing it) so we didn't see her, just a screen image of her desktop and her voice coming through the speakers. I felt jipped since that's one of the reasons I went to the conference in the first place!

But then, surprise surprise, our professor invited her to our class today to go over some real-world cataloging issues! So not only did I meet her, but it turns out she and my wife had a class together a few years back. Crazy.

Now if you know anything about Buffy you know that she is Ms. Intertwebs. She has the aforementioned blog. She has more than one wiki and pageflakes, and netvibes, and twitter, and facebook and and and...

So it was kinda cool when we were geeking out after her talk to get to bring up a few online tools she was unfamiliar with. I know that's not that impressive--there's too many online tools for anyone to know everything. Still. It was good talking to her. She couldn't be sweeter or more willing to share every scrap of knowledge she's ever come across.

Check out her stuff.

Oh and those sites? Buzzword, Instructify, and Google Moderator. You can check out those too if you have so much time on your hands. Now get back to work, slacker! Buffy has already created whole new web worlds in the time you've taken to read this!

(photo via flickr)