June 2, 2009

Vacation Reading

Listened to these on audio while driving to and from Disney (and some brief snatches while there). I've done some audiobook listening but will probably do much more after finding this wonderful resource. It made audiobook listening on the iPod exponentially better.

Mr. Obama read his own book and he's so smooth that even when I wasn't completely gripped by the story, I was listening intently. No matter what kind of president he ends up being, he's certainly a thoughtful person and this is a surprisingly personal book from a politician. Here's hoping he doesn't stop writing.

The Hitchhiker's Guide was one of those books I'd always meant to read because it's referenced so much in my world of geek friends but I'd skipped over it back in my middle/high years of more intensive science fiction reading. I wish I'd read it then because I'd probably found it much funnier. Now it's like watching one of those Monty Python greatest hits compilations. It's still funny, but you've heard all the jokes before. I've heard there's an audio version that Mr. Adams reads himself. I couldn't find it at my library but was satisfied with the delightful work of Stephen Fry's reading.

One False Note is the second in the 39 Clues series. Korman was a perfect choice for this kind of work and he does a great job taking over from Riordan, but there was nothing new here. It's just as much fun, but if the children continue to be surprised by the tactics of their competitors much longer, then count me out. Yes, they might kill you (but it's doubtful) and yes, they will intercept messages and hack into your computer and be generally nefarious--get used to it! I'll check out number three sometime and see how that one goes before I give up on it. I can tell you, though, that I would have loved this stuff when I was in 4th/5th grade. No question.