July 7, 2009

After a Car Wreck and Some Dental Work, the Day Can Only Get Better, Right?

Lady ran a red light and messed up my new (to me, anyways) red Honda Element. I'm mostly OK except for the burns on my right wrist and hand from the air bag deploying.

This kind of thing usually pisses people off, but it just makes me appreciate everyone so much more. Everyone I dealt with today was great (except the lady who drove right through the red light and into my car, of course). A guy stopped and helped me out of my car and left me his business card. The EMT/Fire/Police were all awesome.

I got hit by a couple of tons of metal going quite fast and I'm fine. Who do I have to thank for that? People. The car designers and engineers, for one. And I'm thankful for the emergency and insurance services we've created. I'm thankful for cell phones and 911. I'm thankful to the helpful guy I mentioned (need to send him something).

People can suck every once in a while and they make a lot of mistakes, but generally I think they are good and helpful.

So thanks, People. I'm a little shaken, but I'm OK.

(image cc flickr)